We are People Make the Difference (PMD). Our team works with your company to provide your employees the opportunity to retire.


Retirement has changed. Pensions are in the past and Social Security has been diminished. Your employees can no longer depend on a set age to retire. Instead, they must work, save, invest, and sacrifice to grow their nest egg large enough for a comfortable retirement. To succeed, they must invest in your company’s retirement plan.

Your company’s retirement plan may provide the most meaningful amount of money your employees, and their families, have. This conversation is not just about their 401k, it is about their life. We have to get this right.

Sadly but clearly, the majority of corporate retirement plans are not handled with the dedication, competency, and precision companies and their employees deserve. Employees are left to “figure it out” with little guidance, service, and no advice from the financial firms who are paid to “manage” the company retirement plan.

We are here to change that unhelpful behavior.

We engage in meaningful conversations with you to help improve your existing retirement plan or to create a new one. Our team provides unbiased solutions designed for your company. We also communicate directly with your employees while helping them save through investments appropriate for their risk tolerance and time horizon.


The first step in the engagement process is to determine what type of retirement plan best fits your employees. Based on your business size, retirement plan budget, and existing benefits, we suggest updates to your existing retirement plan or, in some cases, a complete revamp. Our team of fiduciaries works with company retirement plans in the areas of: 401(k), Cash Balance Plan and other solutions such as SIMPLE IRAs. Our plan services include: due diligence and oversight, plan-level investment advisory services, and participant services. Every relationship we have is prepared for an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Labor (DOL) audit. Our team has experience guiding clients through a successful IRS surprise audit. Our team designs a benefits package that will encourage savings without breaking the budget. We spend time with your people because we know that the more help they receive, the more likely they will save – which is why we are so active with each relationship.

We discuss your requirement to maintain a fiduciary standard. Government regulations require that plan sponsors act in a fiduciary role and in the best interest of their employees. This can be a daunting task as the benchmarks for fiduciary responsibilities are complex and always evolving. We are able to help you carry that fiduciary burden. As stewards for your employees’ retirement savings, we accept the responsibility of being held accountable for our actions.

After the initial implementation of, or improvement to, your plan, we provide ongoing service to your employees. Your employees can ask us questions directly in regards to the investment selections within your plan. Additionally, we provide retirement readiness services and investment education to your employees. We have a customized service schedule so everyone knows when we will be available at your location, and we are always available by phone and email.  In the event of an audit by the IRS or DOL we will clear our schedule to be on location with you.


Our purpose – the reason we serve you – is to give your employees an opportunity to retire. Everyone deserves the chance to reflect on their lifetime achievements. With a proper retirement plan, that day can come sooner rather than later.

We prepare your people for 20 years of days off. People spend more money on their days off than the days they work. If an employee retires at age 65 and meets our maker at 85, that is 20 years – 20 years of days off.

We are difference makers and result seekers. We too are business owners and understand what it is like to start, to grow, to sacrifice, to care, to make payroll, to hire new employees, and to attend funerals of the loved ones who did not get to choose their retirement date. Passion, excellence, and a desire to never stop learning drive our actions and encourage us to produce the retirement plan that fits your people. Whether you have ten employees or a thousand, our team will work diligently to get results for you, your company, and your valued team.

People Make the Difference.

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